13 May

i think my husband and i are nuts.

we went to the gym this week and saw a sign that read: “subway cornation triathlon”. we joked around and said that one day we would do something like that. after a few minutes of daydreaming, conversation took a turn. one of us suggested we do it, and all hyped up the other agreed. “not this one” i said, “but next year. we can’t train for this one, its probably coming up really quickly!” we decided i would run and jared would bike. and we would convince our friend dan that he was an integral part to our triathlon team and would be needed to do the swimming portion. we left feeling excited that we would work towards being able to do this triathlon next year.

the next day, we were at our friend omar’s office, and he told us HE was doing the very same triathlon this year, and encouraged us that we could totally do it, even if our goal was just to finish. at this point, jared and i are stoked, but know we are going to have alot of work ahead of us, especially because the triathlon is in LESS than three weeks. i need shoes and running gear, jared needs a bike and a helmet, and of course, we still have to talk to dan. then jared’s phone rang. it was dan and he was at our house waiting for jared (who is now late) for their workout. we rush out of omar’s office and talk the whole way home about how stoked we are to convince dan he needs to be on our triathalon team.

when we got home, we immediately ran downstairs and bombarded dan with obscure questions and comments like “JUST SAY YES!” and “we have a plan and we need you!” dan was both intruiged and perplexed. when we spilled the beans, he was defiant. “how am i supposed to train in three weeks?” we encouraged him and said we just needed to finish and ignore how bad our time was. dan finally said yes. it felt like a whirlwind had traipsed through our living room, leaving us all confused yet excited, knowing that we had all signed up for something that we, now, can’t back out of. what have we just gotten ourselves into? the only thing that will help us get through this is knowing that we can’t let the others down.

at 6am this morning, dan and jared were at the gym. dan did his laps and jared did 20km on the stationary bike. i bought new shoes and am ready to break them in.

i hereby declare this a TRYathlon, knowing that finishing this will be a feat in and of itself.


3 Responses to “TRYathlon”

  1. jared 05'13'10 at 11'27'AM #

    yeah babe! here we go – making history, once again!

    here is a quote i made up in my head this morning at the gym-
    “which is greater?: the problem, or the will and determination to overcome it”

    well, we have a big problem in 2.5 weeks, but heck yes we are gonna overcome it and rock this trifecta style!

  2. jared 06'11'10 at 8'06'AM #

    can you post pictures of the race on here?

  3. Daren 06'15'10 at 3'16'PM #

    How did Dan find the swim?
    How did Jared find the bike?
    How did Mel find the run?

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