the tomato stack

6 Sep

an effortless, beautiful, and delicious salad

it is so rewarding when my passion for food and photography can be used together. i had so much fun taking pictures of this salad i made for some friends my husband and i had over for dinner last week. this salad is simple, but because it looks fancy, it really makes your guests feel special because you took the time to create something beautiful for them to enjoy. try this tomato stacker next time you have guests coming over that you want to impress!


– 1 vine tomato/guest – cut from vine with stem in tact

– fresh mozzarella cheese (also known as bocconcini cheese), sliced thin

-fresh basil

-salt + pepper

-balsamic vinegar + extra virgin olive oil

to make stackers:

using a sharp knife, cut off the bottom of each tomato to create a stable base. continue by slicing the tomato three more times and discard one of the middle portions (this ensures the stacker remains stable and doesn’t become too bulky once you start stuffing the layers). next, layer a slice of the fresh mozzarella and a large basil leaf between each layer of the tomato. i suggest putting some of the balsamic, oil, salt and pepper between each layer to ensure the cheese soaks up some flavor (fresh mozzarella is like a sponge, so it is really easy to infuse it with flavor). lastly, use the oil and balsamic when plating to create a simple dressing (however, use sporadically since you’ve already put most of the dressing within each layer).

i hope you enjoy this salad as much as i do!


4 Responses to “the tomato stack”

  1. Kerri 09'06'10 at 2'41'PM #

    so beautiful Mel! and it looks delicious – I’ll definitely have to try that sometime soon. thanks for sharing!

  2. bikiniorbust 09'06'10 at 8'17'PM #

    CHOMP! That looks fabulous and I am sure it TASTES fabulous too. Good work Mel! =)

  3. jared 09'08'10 at 11'24'AM #

    Mel – you rule de jeur!
    these tasty little morsellettes are Amazing!!!

  4. Rayne 01'07'12 at 4'12'PM #

    this is one of my favourites, so quick and deliciously light and flavourful!

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