a little of everything

9 Oct

hello blog, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

this entry, as of right now, has no direction. however i feel the need to say a little of everything.

i am in my final year of university and in less than 7 months, i will have a degree in sociology. this is when, as far as i’m concerned,   _real_ life starts. i feel very organized this semester, however, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly and easily an overwhelming sense of disorder can creep up on me. that feeling crept up on me tonight. and it makes my stomach feel like its in knots and like i’m not in control of anything. i have control issues.

my clean eating journey is going along quite well. i am not going to pretend like i am perfect – being in school and ensuring i eat every 2-3 hours can be difficult! sometimes my mind is so preoccupied that i forget to eat. this is a very bad thing when it comes to days that i work. i work in the evening two days a week at an inner-city organization called the mustard seed. the worst part about my job and clean eating is that the coffee bar is ALWAYS full of delicious pastries and cookies and chocolate. more often than not, i go to work and get hungry at some point and that is where my ability to see all the positive things about eating clean goes out the window.

one aspect of clean eating that i have been able to successfully keep up with during school is meal planning and ensuring that all of our dinners are clean. for me, that is a huge success. i have been really enjoying meal planning. it keeps dinner time very easy. and i have to admit that my clean eating cookbook collection has become more than awesome!!!

last week jared and i had two really awesome dinners: clean chicken parmesan and chicken cheese steak sandwhiches. i will eventually get the recipes up here! they are both worth a try!

also this last week, jared and i have had TWO computers crash on us. our laptop is not salvageable and we haven’t gotten any word yet on his desktop. we are praying that everything isn’t lost because this is the second time it has crashed!

i had the chance to take a few photos of baby judah this week. jared and i bought our house with his parents, wes and rachel and he is the official baby roomie. i will get those photos up once we get our computer stuff sorted out.

i think that is all i have for now. thanks for the ear, blog.


3 Responses to “a little of everything”

  1. jared Robinson 10'25'10 at 2'26'PM #

    computer update:
    -desktop fixed.
    -laptop still broken.

    Mels food: constantly amazing.

    It snowed today.

  2. Jon Hoffman 03'05'11 at 1'08'AM #

    Mels blog = fun & you doing so well to keep trying to eat clean/every 2-3 hrs as a student! You’re amazing to keep working at the Mustard Seed and make such cool meals…well done! Computer trouble is not fun, glad to hear one computer is back to normal. Do you guys have some kind of crazy backup routine after those crashes? Argghhh.

    • brasstacksoncanvass 03'05'11 at 12'59'PM #

      Thanks Jon! I have to say, however, this semester has been pretty nuts! I am not perfect but know that in about a month I will be much closer to setting goals and actually having the time to achieve them!!! My last day of school is APRIL 16TH!!!

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