12 of ’12

1 Jan

for the past 4 1/2 years i have been so busy trying to keep up with my husband that i think i’ve been lost somewhere in the shuffle. i am tired, unmotivated, lazy….i would much rather spend 12 hours straight sitting in front of the t.v. than actually doing things, making things or, to be blunt, enjoying life. what it all comes down to, i have found, is that I am lacking balance. i am in DIRE need of finding balance in my life.

in 2012, i am endeavoring upon a year long journey to try and make the most of my life. at this point, most people try to make one major goal that they want to stick with for the whole year, but lets face it, WE NEVER STICK TO THESE GOALS! so why would i set myself up for failure? if anything, i really need to set myself up for success. so, how DO i do that?

in the past few months i have been inspired to take a look at goal setting in a new way. i am an avid ted talks fan (www.ted.com) and i stumbled upon this talk by Matt Cutts. in essence, he argues that you can do anything for 30 days.

my other inspiration for goal setting could be rather long-winded, so instead of boring you to death, here are the cliffs notes: the intentional community i was a part of for 4 years ended. a lot of conversation was had around “what went wrong” and it was decided that it would be beneficial to have a start and end date in mind when gathering large groups of people together on a regular basis. the insight i took from that experience was that a start and end date sets a very specific boundary around whatever you are doing. i need boundaries.

and so – “12 in ’12” was born. the premise: me, 2012, and twelve one-month-long challenges to help me grow, learn, and dig a bit deeper to find joy and meaning in my life.

there are two prerequisites in place to help me choose each months challenge: first, i have to make it achievable.  goals don’t have to be earth shattering to be worthwhile (keep it simple, right? if it’s too lofty, you won’t do it. period). secondly, i have to set specific parameters.

so here we are, january 1st, 2012, and i have been trying to wrap my brain around the challenge i have chosen for myself for this month.

JANUARY 1-31 2012:

ACHIEVABLE CHALLENGE: i will not watch t.v mindlessly

SPECIFICS: i can still watch movies with my husband/friends, i can watch t.v IF and ONLY IF i am doing something productive at the same time.

in order to help me in this month-long challenge, i have made myself a reminder: on my t.v. i made a sign that says “find something else to do” – and that will really be the challenge this month. what else can i do to unwind, relax, shut my brain off, re-energize, be productive…….?

each months goal must be a priority. the goals i am trying to achieve in these challenges have to trump other things that would usually make me steer off track.

seems easy enough, right?

well, it would be easier if you joined me (i am all about community!). if you want to challenge yourself in 2012 (or even just for a month here and there), LET ME KNOW! together, we can make 2012 a year of change for ourselves where we are stretched to grow in unimaginable ways!

here are some photos from this morning with my family out skating! what a great time we had!


18 Responses to “12 of ’12”

  1. Jared 01'01'12 at 6'16'PM #

    Babe! I think you are onto something here: achievable Goals.

    I think this is a really great idea. each goal is achievable, with the change-up each month it will also give a good variety. I like this part, as I can often bust out of something that once had great intention because of my eventual lack of interest.

    Mellie, i proud of you, and know that with this you will not only find value in accomplishing your goals, but also in the hidden gems you will uncover along the way!

    Inspiring. I will have to think about a 30 day challenge for myself, so i can run with you.

    love ya.

  2. Kerri 01'01'12 at 7'43'PM #

    Mellie, you are amazing! I would love to join you in some month long challenges. I’ll put some thought into what they might look like and we can chat about it – maybe this weekend. I love the thought of accountability – its pretty easy for me to give up a goal if no one will know but me.
    Love you!

    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'01'12 at 8'25'PM #

      Kerr – DONE AND DONE! I totally know what you mean about accountability! I lose sight of the goal when the timeframe is too long or when I am the only one holding me accountable. Let me know what you decide on for January and feel free to post it here too when you decide!!

  3. Erin 01'01'12 at 8'43'PM #

    This is great Mel. I am totally with you on this one. I have been batting the idea of limiting my facebook checking only to evenings for about a week now, but upon thinking deeper about this, I have realized that I waste so much time on many more websites too! It robs our house from peace, as I am too distracted with “the outside world” to run my home efficiently and with grace. It has become such a habit to check the computer every time I walk by it, which is dangerous having it in my kitchen! … So for me, my challenge will be limiting my mindless time spent on the computer, be it Pinterest, Facebook or the many blogs I have started reading to evenings only, once all the kids are soundly sleeping and after the kitchen is cleaned. I want/ need to be more productive and efficient during the day and that starts simply with getting off the computer! I like your idea of the note on your tv… I shall have to do that on my mouse :) I want to commit to only using the computer during the day for important things, such as our online calendar and house keeping plan, as well as email. But only checking and answering the important ones, that are essential to running my house well.
    I’m excited and glad to doing this with some accountability. In the words of Jade, “Let’s do this thing!”

    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'01'12 at 10'21'PM #

      Erin! I love it! I can only imagine that the internet would be such a captain distractor from your kids and house! But that is sweet – having it as a night thing makes it a goal that you can actually commit to! Good work! Thirty days! You can do it!

  4. Eva Barclay 01'01'12 at 9'06'PM #

    Such big food for thought. You are definitely on to something for sure. I will join you! Let me put my goal for the month in writing and I will let you know. Very cool stuff.Im very proud of you and yes it’s time we made some real changes. Life is too precious to let pass us by. I love you! Today was so much fun!!!!


    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'01'12 at 10'22'PM #

      So much fun today! Let me know when you make a choice on what your (first?) month-long challenge will be!! Love you mom!

  5. Sheila 01'01'12 at 9'13'PM #

    I like how you think, Mel! I’ve been do some soul searching today. I rarely make goals on New Year’s as I’m pretty easily side tracked. But I’ve been thinking of trying to walk or do some sort of exercise everyday this year. But again, that is much too long term of a goal. So…. maybe I could do it for a month. Much more achievable! Hmmmmm. I better get out there now, or it will be too late for the first day of the month……………………………. see ya!

    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'01'12 at 10'24'PM #

      That is awesome Sheila. Physical exercise is definitely on my list but i feel that the television really inhibits me from doing SO much so i thought it would be a great place to begin this journey!

  6. denise 01'01'12 at 10'28'PM #

    Melanie, I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so tired and out of sorts. This sounds like a great way to make small changes for the better in your life! I love it!! I am going to join you (if you don’t mind)… and would love to blog about my 30 day challenges as well. I’ve found that it is a great way for me to stay accountable. If you (and/or hubby) could figure out a “button” for the 30 day challenge, those of us with blogs could link up with you…or perhaps a fb page?

    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'01'12 at 10'46'PM #

      I am so technically not savvy – I don’t even know how we could link up like that!? That sounds so rad though! Let me know when you have a post up and I will specifically set up some links in my right margin for those people who are joining me in blogging about their 30 day challenges in 2012!

  7. Treeva 01'02'12 at 10'46'AM #

    Mel…So Awesome! I’m in! I’ve been challenged to prioritize my life…putting the important things first…My husband, children and family/friends, taking care of my home, reading my Bible and doing the things that help me grow and inspire me (drawing and painting)! I am really relating to you Erin, with the computer….it’s like a black hole! It can be used for good, FB ( for keeping in touch with far away friends, encouraging others) and Pinterest (for organizing my inspiration and ideas)! But I need balance!!!! This month of January I will be limiting my computer time with a half an hour a day…after the house is in order and kids are taken care of! And instead of T.V at night (other than the rare time with my man), it will be doing my incredible Bible Study or sketching/painting! Thanks for the challenge Mel, and the accountability!
    Loves, Treeva

    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'02'12 at 12'05'PM #

      I totally relate Treeva. I have let MANY important things slide because I’ve been so easy to say YES (trying to keep up with the energy that Jared has magically inherited). But it is very difficult to do things that I want to do when I have little energy left. Balance and me time is going to be something that I work towards this year. You definitely have my support! Yay Treeva!

  8. Omar 01'02'12 at 3'34'PM #

    This is really good Mel! Kels and I talked today and here is our 30 CHALLENGE FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY: We will be in bed with the lights OFF at 11 PM (at the latest). I find that sleeping late and waking up early is a horrible way to start a day. Sleep deprivation affects me in many ways and the older I’m getting the more difficult it is to stay spry and alert. We look forward to the next few months as we come up with other challenges and do this together with your blog community!

    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'02'12 at 4'06'PM #

      That sounds like a FANTASTIC goal! One that is very near and dear to my heart as you know! Although, I’m a granny and try to be in be ten :). I am so excited that you are on board to make and STICK to 12 challenges in 2012! FUN!

  9. Jeanine 01'02'12 at 7'10'PM #

    Thanks for further inspiration to keep focused in the days ahead, Mel! I really enjoyed reading your blog post and just hearing the enthusiasm in your writing makes me pumped for 2012 and all its possibilities! For me this year, its 30 days of Sattva for the month of January, translating into an every month yoga challenge. Healthy body. Healthy mind. Healthy being. For me and Dan, its prayer every week together. Intentionally making space for God to talk to us as a couple. I love your first month’s challenge! It’s amazing what happens when the TV gets turned off. Anything is possible! GO MEL! :)

    • brasstacksoncanvass 01'02'12 at 8'00'PM #

      I do hope to get a 30 day pass at the yoga loft at some point this year and do a 30 day yoga challenge….i’ll let you know when that happens so that we can go together!!

      • Jeanine 01'03'12 at 1'07'PM #

        Awesome, Mel! If you do decide to go at some point this year, let me know! Have a great day! :)

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