19 Jan

well…i fell off the planet for a couple weeks.

i got the flu last week, then flew to vancouver for a wedding and have been sans energy all week. i went to bed at 9:30 last night. it was glorious.

i have been doing so good not watching t.v…i am happy to report that i didn’t even watch ANY t.v. when i was sick! instead, i watched how to lose a guy in 10 days 3 times, back to back, because i couldn’t move without feeling like i was going to toss my cookies.

a friend from work asked me this week if i was going to continue on with this habit after my challenge is done. i have to say that the past 3 weeks have made it very clear that i am fully capable of finding other things to do with my time. mindless t.v watching will not be on my list of priorities. however, i really do miss the occasional turning off of my brain to keep up with the kardashians.

bare with me as i totally switch gears now: mayday mayday!!! i am ADDICTED to making tazo chai tea lattes every morning (thanks to my sister in law!). can i just tell you – DUDE – it is so good, and takes way less time than brewing a cup of coffee in the morning! i love it. i am actually really hoping that i can fall asleep tonight because i also came home from work tonight and have two cups of it (one hot, one cold, both equally delicious in their own right). yummers. i was able to score 3 packs of 3 (thats 9, just in case you were wondering) from costco this week for $18! you just don’t pass deals like that up.

a couple weekends ago i had the pleasure of photographing my very good friend denise and her husband clay, who are expecting their first baby in february. denise really didn’t want ¬†typical maternity photos. they brought along two balloons, one pink and one blue, because they don’t know what they are having. below are a few photos from the shoot.



today i realized i have to really start thinking about what my february challenge will be. those of you who are joining me in these challenges, how did your january ones go? have you thought about february? any suggestions?



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