February Challenge Revealed!

1 Feb


my first digital drawing - a wrinkly looking apple! YUM!


i can’t believe a new month has already begun! last month flew by and gave me new hope that i am totally capable of doing anything for 30 days.

it’s funny, really, that i came home this evening with zero desire to watch t.v. – but i will admit that the fact that i can turn it on and not feel guilty about cheating is quite liberating. yesterday i smiled, giddily, as i removed, crumpled and threw away my “find something else to do” sign. FREEDOM AT LAST!


i’ll be honest….i’m still not feeling ready to release this next challenge into the world because i’m struggling to figure out how to make it something that i can achieve. i know what i want to do, but my biggest fear is that i will fail miserably. i’ll cut to the chase:


ACHIEVABLE CHALLENGE: i will practice the clean eating principles – eating 5-6 small meals per day, consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and healthy complex carbohydrates and practice eating healthy portion sizes. i will also be conscious of drinking  as much water as possible throughout the day.

SPECIFICS: eating sugary foods and processed crap will be kept to a minimum, but if there is a time when i want to, i will keep my portion very small.  when eating out, i will try to stick to these rules as closely as possible. 

i’m not sure if this is cheating or not, but i already started this challenge on monday (just seemed easier to start my week off eating good food at regular intervals rather than in the middle of the week). so far i’m finding it much easier to do this challenge when i’ve planned ahead. my evenings this week have consisted mostly of making dinner, making my lunch for the next day as well as making my breakfast for the next morning. so there it is, my first major lesson to making sure this challenge is manageable is preparation. i even went out a bought new water bottles to have stationed at both of my schools that i can fill with water and carry around with me, just to make my life easier.

i have already encountered my first challenge with this clean eating goal……my days get so busy and the time literally flies by. how am i going to make sure i don’t forget to have my snack at 10am? today i forgot to have my mid-morning snack until it was 11:30! oops! my thought at first was to set alarms on my phone, but i don’t always have my phone with me and if it goes off it might disturb someone. i also have an interval timer i use for working out that could be easily attached to my pants that would vibrate at whatever interval i set it to. it will just look a little dorky….but i think i’m willing to look dorky to make sure i accomplish this challenge!

my second challenge has been my epic failures at trying to make hard boiled eggs for lunches. i have cooked 7 EGGS over the last week that have not turned out. what a waste! i can’t seem to get it right…they are always undercooked.


what is your february challenge? i hope you’ll join me so you can make the best of february 2012!


12 Responses to “February Challenge Revealed!”

  1. Not my way but His way 02'01'12 at 7'06'PM #

    I’m in:) Cutting out the sugar!
    Try boiling the eggs for 10 minutes, that should get them cooked!

    • brasstacksoncanvass 02'01'12 at 7'12'PM #

      such a challenge for me. i don’t eat a lot of sugar but when it is around i have a hard time saying NO! better to say yes, i’ll have a BIT than to dive in and eat a huge portion. then i will slowly be able to say no…..one step at a time for me i think!

  2. Laura 02'01'12 at 9'53'PM #

    You are cute! And I admire you! This is a tough challenge but I think you nailed it when you said the key is in the preparation. I have never messed up a boiled egg since someone told me to boil them for 20 mins. Perfect every time. Although someone else has advised you that 10 mins. should do it, so maybe I’m egg overkilling it… good luck Mel!

    • Laura 02'01'12 at 9'55'PM #

      PS. If I were to do an eating challenge I would challenge myself to eat exactly what Macy does for a week! She is the queen of clean eating with all these healthy snacks and raw fruits and veggies… and sometimes I sit right beside her and eat bad things! Gotta change that!!

  3. circle.cait. 02'01'12 at 10'59'PM #

    hey mel. I like your february challenge! I have been eating clean for a while now and I love it. and now, if i don’t stick to it and i eat crappy stuff over a couple days I feel totally heavy and gross… so anyways. good luck!!
    also – just thought i’d share my favorite snack when i craving sugar! I pop some plain popcorn kernels in a brown bag in the microwave and then sprinkle a tiny bit of olive oil, sugar and paprika on to it and shake! it’s the perfect little sweet-spicy-healthy sweet fix!!!

  4. Erin 02'02'12 at 1'17'PM #

    Dear Melanie,
    The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg (from my first cook book, appropriately titled: The Rookie Cook :)
    Poke blunt end of egg shell with egg piercer. (I have NEVER done this step) Place eggs, in single layer, in saucepan. Cover with cold water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium. Boil for exactly 10 minutes. Drain. Quickly cool under cold running water.

    This has worked, without fail, every time. Good luck on your challenge! I am working on memorizing scripture this month :) Thanks for your inspiration to better ourselves, one month at a time :)

    • brasstacksoncanvass 02'02'12 at 9'55'PM #

      Thanks Erin! I will try reducing to medium. I made two eggs yesterday, one worked perfect and the other totally fell apart when I went to peel it. I think I have very bad luck!!!!!

  5. Jared 02'05'12 at 3'02'PM #

    hey mellie! biggie thumbs up – your challenges have affected me as well. I just realized I havent really watch TV in the past month either. I just found myself having an hour or so to spare, and not grabbing the remote, but my book instead. this is big for me, because i hardly ever read. making positive changes. lovin’ it. thanks for the challenges.

  6. denise 02'06'12 at 1'19'PM #

    That’s a great challenge! First you cleared your mind (no TV) and now your body… sounds like a great plan.

    I haven’t blogged about mine yet, but it is to work on learning Creole every day. I know I won’t manage every single day, but at least it is on my mind much more often now. I need to know some key phrases for when Giselle comes home :) I am aiming for 10 min. per day, but will often listen for longer (in the car) so I am giving myself permission to do more one day and not at all the next if that is how my day plays out.

    • brasstacksoncanvass 02'13'12 at 7'10'PM #

      That is amazing! The love you have for Giselle is evident in your desire to make her feel at home when she finally gets HOME!

  7. wifemommystudent 03'02'12 at 2'16'PM #

    Mel, you have truly inspired me! Wes and I have been doing month-long challenges as well. Last month was vegetarianism…. and we LOVE it! We have decided to stick with it. It has been a great challenge because I have been home most of the month, so meal planning has been easy. I have made sure we get all of our protein and iron from other natural sources and we feel great! My skin has really cleared up too! its funny how motivating eating well is too. I have been working out like a machine this month just because I feel like it. So that was a life-changing month for us! We were motivated to research scripture too for what it says about eating meat and have sort of developed a mehtod that works for us. This month we will be diligent about reading and watching the news. Every day we have to either watch or read a news segment on a global or international issue and investigate at least one local issue per week. I am already feeling much more informed and capable of having a valid opinion on issues. This is awesome! A very manageable way to start to build healthy habits.

    • brasstacksoncanvass 03'11'12 at 3'33'PM #

      It was very cool to see you guys stick to being vegetarian all month! And, I LOVE the challenge you have chosen this month! Being in-the-know with things going on in the world is sometimes difficult for me to do, but it is important! So awesome! Love you so much Rach. It is so amazing to get to share life with you and live with you. You rock. <3

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