clean, lean, ean, an, n

16 Feb

something funny has happened. while diligently eating 5 small (utterly clean and healthy) meals a day, i have started to lose myself in the process. while this statement may sound ambiguous, it is meant to be taken literally. my body is changing, getting more lean by the day. eating the right food is a very powerful thing!

i am finding that weekends are particularly difficult for me. it is easy enough to make my lunch and snacks for work during the week, but all hell breaks loose in the food department when i wake up on saturday. sleeping in, random plans – come the weekend, i’m always flying by the seat of my pants. i think part of this challenge for me has been learning to embrace the fact that i am not perfect and am allowed to make executive decisions about what i put into my mouth on the fly. even as i type this, though, i am realizing that i might just need to work on preparing myself for the weekend.

one of my favorite things to do so far is make my salad in a mason jar. by putting the dressing on the bottom, it keeps the greens from getting soggy, but allows you to make it ahead. salads and dressing can be so versatile!

so, i wanted to follow up on the great egg conundrum of 2012. i am very pleased to report that last night i think i finally perfected the hard boiled egg. the magic number for me is 12 minutes. another very magical tip i found was cracking the egg all over and then rolling it between your hands. it separates the membrane of the egg from the shell – and the shell practically falls off! it’s so easy! and a delicious snack!

i was also able to make my lovely mother some clean chocolate cupcakes for her birthday. they were delicious! unfortunately, i attempted to use them a few days later for a dessert night with some friends, but they were mouldy (which really isn’t a bad thing – clean food should go mouldy! next time i will put the cupcakes in the fridge. oops!)

all in all, things have been going GREAT. they are going so good that i may have inadvertently started my march challenge last week……but you will just have to wait to find out about it!


3 Responses to “clean, lean, ean, an, n”

  1. The Meal Planner 02'16'12 at 7'57'PM #

    Do you read ? Seems like a recipe blog that would give you lots of yummy ideas for clean eating. Good for you Mel!

    • brasstacksoncanvass 02'22'12 at 7'15'AM #

      I do!!! I love her! GREAT website. SO inspiring! I make a green monster everyday for breakfast!

  2. ornamentalwomanhoodam 02'16'12 at 9'41'PM #

    love the salad idea!!

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