march challenge

11 Mar

i have been incredibly busy – hence why i am writing this 11 days late!

work has been all over the place because they have me in core training (it is only offered once a year) – which has left me feeling behind at work because i’m not at my schools every day. i am, however, ridiculously excited because on wednesday i leave for QUEBEC for a week! i am going on this field-trip with one of my schools which has been paid for through a program with the YMCA. what an enormous blessing! years ago, i moved to montreal for a couple months to get some “life experience” and it is safe to say that my heart set up residence there. we will be visiting montreal only for the day on friday, but i can’t wait to go “home”! not to mention the fact that i will get to put to use my rusty french. it is all very exciting!

other than work at this trip, i have also been nursing a black eye.

a couple of weekends ago my husband and i went tobogganing and the conditions were less than ideal. we started going down the hill holding on to each other but got separated on the way down. the snow was so deep that i got stuck halfway down, and jared got stuck up the hill from me. when i started standing up to get myself going again, a group of four boys blew through me and took me out from my knees. THEN, my husband came flying down the hill after getting unstuck and smoked my face with his knee. i had the most enormous goose egg on my head. i went to the hospital, and left after they looked at me and determined i didn’t have a concussion. the situation could have been SO much worse than it was. but i have been left trying to hide my hideous bruised face for the last while. it is mostly faded now! just in time for my trip!

last month, i eluded to what my march challenge would be but was totally mean and made you wait. so…here it is:

for over a month now, i have been diligently going to the gym 3 days a week with both my husband and our friends, boe and carly. we meet at the gym at 6:15 am and get sweaty before work. it has been SO fun!

i don’t exactly have the best “working out” track record (ie: i start something and one week later i’m tired because i’ve taken on too much). but working out in the morning has been AMAZING. i also really struggle with mornings, so the fact that i have stuck with this for over a month (and that i haven’t made an excuse ONCE to not go since starting), shows that this is something i can stick to! it is so nice to have a workout partner (carly and i workout while boe and jared do their thing). and it is also INCREDIBLY nice to come home after work and not have to feel guilty about not working out or trying to find TIME after work to get ‘er done.

so, that is my challenge! and so far, so good! what are you doing this month?


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