its name is laziness.

9 Apr

hello friends. it has been a month since my last post which means that i am again late to post my april challenge. i’m not going to lie, i really struggled to find something in time so i didn’t really solidify this until a couple days ago.

something that i often struggle with is laziness. i am often “too tired” to do really basic things whether it is for myself or around the house. i have, however, had so much more energy since i started working out a couple months ago, so i really don’t have any excuses to not ________________ (insert whatever thing i’m deciding to not do here).

how is it possible that i can’t find “time” or “energy” to put the dishes away, or pack my lunch for work, or sweep the kitchen floor, take my makeup off before bed or dust? quite simply………because i’m lazy.

it’s funny because i am actually a very motivated person but it seems to come in waves. i love being adventurous in the kitchen, but sometimes i would rather sit all day and veg than get things done around the house.  the thing is, though, that all of these things don’t take that much of a time commitment. it doesn’t take an hour to sweep the floor or clean the bathroom. but…yes you should do your dishes after baking up a storm instead of leaving it for the next day….

what i need is a swift kick in the butt, nike style……JUST DO IT. that sure sounds lame, but it really is true.  i need to stop making excuses and just do it. find the time to do the things that i want to. and if that means that i have less time to watch t.v before bed, or less time to hang out with friends during the week, so be it.

for the rest of the month, i am committing NOT to being superwoman and trying to do EVERYTHING, but rather catching myself in the moments when i’m saying “there isn’t enough time” or “i’m too tired”, to just take the fifteen minutes to do whatever it is that i need to do, and sacrificing whatever is on the more fun end of my decision.

so, there you go, that is what i will be focusing on for the month of april.

switching gears here……..

i have been doing some really fun stuff in the kitchen over the last month! Here is a glimpse into my kitchen!

my failed attempt at sprouting chia seeds. i used cheese cloth but because chia seeds turn into gel when they are soaked in water (they absorb 10x their weight in water!), it wouldn’t strain properly. might try this again with quinoa instead.

making crispy/chewy crackers as a topping to this delicious lemon tahini couscous salad – my “i can’t believe it will be summer soon” inspired salad.

making the most ridiculously delicious spicy/cheesy kale chips with cayenne and nutritional yeast. best. ever. ever. seriously.

making no-knead artisan bread in a dutch-oven. crusty on the outside, fresh and soft on the inside. it isn’t the prettiest loaf i’ve ever made but it sure tasted divine!

making my first batch of kombucha tea. this is a cultured tea that that you
can actually turn into a cold sweet fizzy tea. it looks disgusting. the first picture is of a kombucha “mother” – it has all the good bacteria in it to help make the tea. the third picture shows how another one is forming on the top, which i will be able to use again in the next batch. my mom has a raspberry bush in her yard so i plan to make raspberry and mango flavored tea. what a sweet treat for the summer!



2 Responses to “its name is laziness.”

  1. Sheila 04'09'12 at 10'17'PM #

    Mel, I love all your adventurousness in the kitchen! Your photos make the food look so tempting! The tea sounds so interesting. Is there a recipe please?

  2. Not my way but His way 04'10'12 at 9'22'PM #

    Yum! I’m seriously hungry right now after viewing this! How do you make kale chips?

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