july challenge

11 Jul

in case you haven’t realized this by now, i kind of like food.

a lot.

i love making it, eating it, reading about it, experimenting, teaching people about it……


it’s funny…i often find myself having conversations with people that remind me that not everyone in my life is as passionate about food as i am. they go a little something like this:

me – “oh man! i’m so excited to eat my lunch today! i made a delicious sprouted quinoa salad last night…..sooooo good!”

human – “whats KEEN-WA?”


this happened this week when a colleague of mine said “what’s kale?”…………….i guess not everyone in the world cares as much about food as i do! yet i legitimately and innocently forget sometimes! but i am always reminded when people look at me strange when i tell them about the dehydrator i’m buying or the amazing blender i’m saving for or my new nut milk bag.

this month, my challenge is to take time for doing the things i love in the kitchen!


i look forward to sharing some photos with you!


2 Responses to “july challenge”

  1. Jared 07'11'12 at 8'47'PM #

    Good one mel! I can’t say I’m as passionate about food as you, but I love seeing your stoke. And just being around you experiencing your love of food help me appreciate it more too. Love you.

  2. eva 07'12'12 at 7'38'AM #

    Melanie you are very inspiring!!! I love that about you. I also love your passion for helping people get better aquainted with all the beautiful food available.eva

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